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Created on 2011-03-30 17:53:59 (#709631), last updated 2011-04-18 (335 weeks ago)

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Name:A:tLA Sanity: The thinking person's Avatar Discuss
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Community description:Avatar the Last Airbender
So what is A:tLA Sanity?

A:tLA Sanity is basically a group I created that focuses on discussing Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is not a community for ranting and raving. This is a community about fostering discussion, having an open mind, and feeling comfortable to discuss any topic. I have very few rules for this community but the biggest are:

1. Be respectful. You might not agree with someone, but disagree constructively. If you are presenting an opposing viewpoint, do so without character bashing, ship bashing, etc. Have examples to back yourself up. And be prepared that people are going to disagree.

2. Just don't mindlessly go off about how much you hated something. The series wasn't perfect and there is a lot to discuss about issues people had with it. Provide examples of what you are talking about. Think of this as a debate you would do for school or a research you would do for a job. Don't half-ass it.

3. No character bashing. I don't give a crap how much you hate Mai or think Aang is a prick. If you can't express dislikes in a productive manner, then don't join this community. Same thing goes for ships. I don't want to see any of that "You are delusional." or "Kataangers are pedos" here.

4. Be open minded. Just because you might have an opinion about something doesn't mean someone can't inspire you to think in other ways and to see other viewpoints.

I am trying not to censor too much because I want this to be an open, comfortable community. I want people to be able to talk. But if you are rude and prone to ranting mindlessly just to be a jackass, I will ban you.
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